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Vital Fulya Heath Care

Vital Fulya Health Care

About Vital Fulya Health Care

Vital Fulya Health Care provides best health care service ever possible in Istanbul / Turkey. Thanks to Topoglu Holding’s all-in-one investment strategy, from transportation to accomodation, surgery and post-op care are located in on corporate identity.

We are specialized in;

  • Obesity surgeries
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Dental treatments

and all their post-op treatments.

We can’t wait to welcome you in your transformation journey.

Why Vital Fulya Health Care?

  • Dedicated Health Nutritionist and Nursing Services

    Vital Fulya Health Care
  • Transportation

    Vital Fulya Health Care
  • Accomodation Service

    Vital Fulya Health Care
  • Special Tours

    Vital Fulya Health Care

Vital Fulya Healthcare which is exist within the structure of TOPOGLU HOLDING bring a breath of fresh air to health tourism with Vital Fulya Plaza which is healthiest plaza in the World where the best doctors clinics and Vital Hotel Fulya which is the most curative hotel in Turkey.

How it Works?

Your Transformation Journey in Istanbul Begins

Step 1

How it Works? 01

You can end your search now. We offer you the best transportation, accommodation and of course, the best doctors in Istanbul.

Step 2

How it Works? 02

Our experienced and dedicated team will provide you all the instructions. All you need to buy your ticket!

Step 3

How it Works? 03

Enjoy your travel to the city of Istanbul. Your journey is about to begin.

Step 4

Welcome to Istanbul! You will be transported to Vital Hotel Fulya. Meanwhile, enjoy the city view.

Step 5

Take a rest and good night’s sleep in our hotel, the Vital Hotel Fulya. You can also enjoy your time in the Vital Spa.

Step 6

A day before the surgery, you will meet your doctor, and you will have health tests.

Step 7

Now comes the day of surgery, time for your transformation! After the operation, you will be moved to the recovery room and then transferred to your hotel.

Step 8

Our professional and dedicated nurse and nutritionist will observe you after the surgery during your stay at our hotel.

Step 9

Our health care team will keep communicating effectively and follow up after you return to your country.

How it Works?

Your Transformation Journey to Istanbul Begins

Call Center - Vital Fulya Health Care

Contact Us

Our dedicated team of patient coordinators, translators and call center is here to help you. Call us now and begin your transformation journey.

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