Vital Fulya Heath Care

Vital Fulya Healthcare, part of TOPOGLU Holding, brings a breath of fresh air to our health tourism. Our healthcare system integrates Vital Fulya Plaza, including the best doctor clinics and Vital Hotel Fulya being the most curative hotel in Istanbul.

Our health care system provides first-class surgical operations by qualified doctors, fast recovery, safe travels, and effective communication before, during, and after the surgery. We truly believe one of the key elements of effective communications is clarity.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of society by improving the quality of life. We provide preventive and therapeutic health services in high quality, at advanced levels, and in affordable conditions.

Our vision is to provide high-quality, exemplary healthcare services all over the country, using the state-of-the art technology.

We are specialized in;

  • Obesity surgeries
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Dental treatments

and all their post-op treatments.