How it Works?

Your Transformation Journey in Istanbul Begins

Step 1

How it Works? 01

You can end your search now. We offer you the best transportation, accommodation and of course, the best doctors in Istanbul.

Step 2

How it Works? 02

Our experienced and dedicated team will provide you all the instructions. All you need to buy your ticket!

Step 3

How it Works? 03

Enjoy your travel to the city of Istanbul. Your journey is about to begin.

Step 4

Welcome to Istanbul! You will be transported to Vital Hotel Fulya. Meanwhile, enjoy the city view.

Step 5

Take a rest and good night’s sleep in our hotel, the Vital Hotel Fulya. You can also enjoy your time in the Vital Spa.

Step 6

A day before the surgery, you will meet your doctor, and you will have health tests.

Step 7

Now comes the day of surgery, time for your transformation! After the operation, you will be moved to the recovery room and then transferred to your hotel.

Step 8

Our professional and dedicated nurse and nutritionist will observe you after the surgery during your stay at our hotel.

Step 9

Our health care team will keep communicating effectively and follow up after you return to your country.