Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is the process of excising the outer margin of the stomach on the left using surgical stapler-like devices called staplers. This method reduces the volume of the stomach to 150-200 ml, consequently limiting food intake.

Sleeve Gastrectomy is laparoscopic surgery. The main goal of sleeve gastrectomy is to help the patient lose weight in two ways; first, via limiting the food intake by reducing the stomach volume and secondly, via lowering the level of “ghrelin” substance to diminish the feeling of hunger.

Patients get discharged from the hospital after being followed-up for approximately 3-4 days. The length of hospital stay varies from one patient to the other. Patients will have a liquid diet after the operation. This type of diet will be prescribed and followed up by Nutritionists, and the patient will need to comply with it for about two weeks. Then, it is followed by a gradual transition period, allowing the patient to eat pureed meals first, then to start eating solid foods. After switching to solid foods, patients can go back to their regular dieting. However, they will need to eat lower quantities of food more frequently because of the reduction in stomach volume.

There is a high chance that patients lose about 85% of the excess body weight in the early period after sleeve gastrectomy. However, the stomach volume may increase in the following years.

Sleeve gastrectomy is not reversible and only safe if operated by experienced surgeons. Although the potential early postoperative side effects include pain, bleeding, leakage, and infection, the risk of occurrence of these effects is low. Because vitamins need the acid secreted from the parietal cells in the stomach for their absorption, vitamin supplementation is required in the early period


About Operation

Expected duration of stay in Turkey: 7 days
Anesthesia: General anesthesia
Expected operation duration: 2-3 hours
Expected duration of stay in the hospital: 3 nights
Pain: Occasionally, simple analgesics are needed.
Dressing: 5th-6th day
Stitches: No need to take stitches that melt on their own.
Return to normal life: 1 week – 10 days
Sports: Light exercises after 1 month